Panel Upgrades and Generators

Boost Your Power Potential

Boost Your Power Potential

Schedule a panel upgrade or generator installation in , Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas

Your home or business can only use as much energy as your electrical system will allow. If you're depending more and more on smart devices and energy-sapping appliances, make sure your electrical system is up for the challenge. Trust the pros at November & Sons, LLC for panel upgrades in Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas.

Your panel acts as a gatekeeper for the electricity flowing through your property. You might need a panel upgrade if you notice...

  • Flickering lights
  • Plastic burning smells
  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Faulty outlets

We'll take a close look at your panel to determine if a full replacement would be right for you. Call 843-301-4747 today to set up an appointment.

Always have a backup plan

Many homes and businesses rely entirely on the power grid to keep their vital systems running. In the event of a major outage, would your refrigerator or HVAC system shut down entirely? Reach out to us for backup generator installation, repair or replacement. We have over a decade of experience working with everything from small, portable units to full-scale commercial generators.

Reach out today for a free estimate on your generator installation.