Electrical Installation

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Reach out to us for electrical installation services in Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas

Your electrical system is vital for your daily safety and comfort. If you're starting new construction or renovating an older property, make sure your electrical contractor can get the job done right. November & Sons, LLC provides skilled electrical installation and remodeling services in Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding areas.

From installing new lighting and generators to routing new wiring for additions and remodels, there's nothing we can't handle. Call 843-301-4747 today to get a free estimate on our electrical installation services.

Why should you hire a professional for electrical remodeling?

Many homeowners attempt DIY remodeling and renovation projects to save money. While installing a new countertop might be relatively straightforward on your own, never attempt electrical remodeling without the help of an expert. Hire a master electrician at November & Sons, LLC to:

  • Prevent electrical fires
  • Avoid lethal shocks
  • Ensure everything is finished to code
  • Save time and money from failed attempts

You'd be surprised how quickly the price can rise on a DIY project when you need to redo multiple steps. Whether you're adding on an addition to your home or revitalizing an outdated kitchen, turn to us for electrical remodeling services.